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Will AI chatbots teach children to read and write better than humans?

Edición CAMBIO 22. (April 26, 2023). At the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego, Bill Gates claimed that in 18 months, AI-powered chats will teach children how to read. CAMBIO 22.

Celular proyectando un asistente de inteligencia artificial

Artificial intelligence has rapidly evolved in recent years, becoming capable of performing increasingly complex tasks. One task that was once thought difficult for computers was teaching writing and reading skills, but according to Bill Gates, AI chatbots could be as good a tutor as any human in these skills. In this blog post, we will analyze Gates' statements and the possibilities that AI chatbots offer for education.

AI chatbots have developed rapidly in recent months and can now compete with human-level intelligence on certain standardized tests. In addition, they have "incredible fluency in being able to read and write," which will soon allow them to teach students to improve their own reading and writing skills. This could be great news for students who have difficulties with these skills and need extra help.

Teaching writing skills has been an incredibly difficult task for a computer until now, but AI chatbots can recognize and recreate language similar to humans, allowing them to offer feedback on text fragments or even write complete essays. This would allow students to receive instant and personalized feedback on their writing, something that only human tutors can currently offer.

Bill Gates has stated that AI chatbots could teach children to read and perfect their writing skills in 18 months, and that these chatbots could be as good as any human tutor in teaching these skills. However, some experts question this claim and point out that human interaction is crucial for effective learning and that education should not rely solely on technology.

In conclusion, AI chatbots have great potential to assist in the education of writing and reading skills, especially for students who need extra help and cannot receive personalized tutoring. Although there are still some limitations in their teaching ability, continued development of technology could significantly improve their ability to offer effective education. Ultimately, the decision to use AI chatbots for education must be carefully considered and balanced with the necessary human interaction for complete and effective learning.

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