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Can AI teach the world?

Dev Aditya & Dr. Pauldy Otermans | TEDxAngliaRuskinUniversity

TEDx Talks. (21 de marzo de 2022). Can AI Teach The World? | Dev Aditya & Dr Pauldy Otermans | TEDxAngliaRuskinUniversity [Video]. Youtube.

Can AI teach the world and bridge the educational and skills gap? This is the question that Dev Aditya and Dr. Pauldy Otermans addressed in their TEDxAngliaRuskinUniversity talk.

They introduced the concept of an AI teacher with a human-like appearance and how this technology can positively impact education by bringing it closer to people. They also argued that AI-based education is the future and can unite people and communities, particularly for those who lack access to a physical teacher.

During the talk, the Otermans Institute was presented as the creator of Beatrice, the AI teacher, and their progress in developing the technology was discussed. The talk highlighted the potential and opportunities of AI in education, particularly in addressing global educational and skills gaps. The talk also contrasted the negative portrayal of AI in the media with the positive impact it can have in education.

The talk urges reflection on the possibilities and implications of AI in education and encourages support for initiatives that promote its positive use to tackle global challenges. By exploring the possibilities and potential of AI in education, the talk challenges the negative image of AI and motivates the audience to endorse initiatives that foster the positive use of technology for the benefit of all.

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